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23 / M / Philadelphia
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Born with arbitrary characteristics in a place I didn’t choose. Practically a communist. Open-source software is a moral obligation. Cares about social justice and animals. I’m a vegan🌠. Software is something we can use to make the world better. The internet taught me everything I know for free. It’s time to give back, and it’s time for everyone to start sharing their toys.



I specialize in marrying content with design with a CMS. It’s polyamorous. I ask a lot of questions, expunge inconsistencies, and create sites that clients can expect to continue serving them in the long run.

I’m a full-stack developer. Typically I build client sites in Wagtail (Django) where I write the models in Python then template with HTML/Sass/JS. I like to deploy with Dokku, and am comfortable with Linux servers; all of my personal computers run Linux. Debugging servers during emergencies feels a lot more comfortable when you had to spend last Sunday morning debugging Debian package dependencies to get Steam working. I’m pretty fast to learn new things and am interested in a wide array of technology. Sometimes I feel a little privileged, though.

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Skills: HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, Python, Django, Flask, Node, express.js, Electron, git, bash, Linux, Vagrant, Docker, Dokku (Heroku), I DO IT ALL

Full-stack developer, Candlewaster Web Collective
Full-stack developer, Torchbox
Front-end developer, Pennebaker
Freelance web developer

I’ve built a ton of different kinds of websites: from a truck wash, roofing company, and a rap artist, to an industrial pipe cleaning company, investment bankers, and a hospital. Variety keeps it real.

See my GitHub for my open-source contributions. I’ve contributed most actively to Wagtail, an awesome open-source CMS by Torchbox. I’ve also contributed to various projects by Direct Action Everywhere, an animal liberation group (where I also organize a local chapter), and many Python, Node, and Atom packages.

Creative Works

I’ve created illustrations, poems, music, articles, and even a children’s book. All of my creative work is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0.