My Work

I have been building social media and related ecosystems for over a decade. Here are a few highlights of my work.

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Soapbox is a frontend for the Fediverse with a focus on custom branding and ease of use. Used by millions of people around the world, perfect for building communties on decentralized platforms like Mastodon.

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Mostr Bridge

Mostr is a bridge between Nostr and the Fediverse (Mastodon, ActivityPub, etc). It allows users on both networks to communicate, through a Mostr server.

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Ditto is a Nostr server for building resilient communities online. With Ditto, you can create your own social network that is decentralized, customizable, and free from ads and tracking.

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Framework for Nostr on Deno and web.

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Letr is a dynamic platform built on Nostr and where creators can share their content across various mediums, integrated with Lightning Network.

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Past Work

I am formerly Head of Engineering at Truth Social, which was built using Soapbox.